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Mr. Boddy was found dead in the kitchen. His throat had been cut by a knife. Who killed Mr. Boddy?

After talking to local people, the police provided us with many documents from their records. Below is one of the documents they provided. We need your help to evaluate the relevance of this document.
In your answer sheet, please do the following:

  1. Rate the relevance of this document: does the document contain clues that could contribute to solving the murder?
  2. Briefly explain your rating
  3. Click the "Finish" button on the lower right corner to submit your analysis
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Available Material

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Police interview: Jerry Fields, the organist at Reverend Green's church told authorities that Green kept a black utility knife in his pocket, for whittling wood carvings in his spare time. Green told authorities that the knife had broken months ago, and he had discarded it.

Answer Sheet

How relevant is the document information to solving the mystery?
Completely Irrelevant out of 100 Completely Relevant
Please briefly explain your rating in about two sentences.